LLC "RPT UNICOS" the Russian manufacturer of high-quality innovative medical devices. One of the priority directions of our Company activity is production of devices used in the field of Perinatology. It was the development and production of automated, computerized fetal monitors Unicos the company started its history.  

In the basis of fetal monitors is based on unique algorithm analysis cardiotocogram, which was invented by Professor Demidov V. N. on the basis of Scientific center for obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology named after academician V. I. Kulakov. Fetal monitors Unicos produced since 1995. and used successfully in maternity hospitals of the Russian Federation, as well as in private commercial medical centers. The use of fetal monitors Unicos reduces perinatal mortality by separate obstetric institutions of the country for 18 to 46% , in some cases, for high initial performance, 2 times, and achieve better global outcomes 4,5-4,7%. Currently fetal monitors produced by our Company are highly appreciated by professionals working in the field of Perinatology in Russia and the near abroad.  

The second direction, which is actively developing LLC "RPT UNICOS", this localization of production of foreign companies. Production sites at which the activities allow for the depth of localization of production to 50%. This result is achieved through continuous improvement of technology that is absolutely necessary for compliance with the high requirements for medical devices.